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Tip: Create a Functional Learning Environment
Organize tables, materials, and equipment for optimal viewing before participants arrive to ensure more efficiency and cut down on lost time during the presentation. Do not forget to make your facility and overall environment accessible for all participants.
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[pdf] L401A Use of Manpower.pdfpdf62.7 KB
[pdf] L401B Membership Opportunities.pdfpdf58.8 KB
[pdf] L401C Financial Opportunities.pdfpdf59.5 KB
[pdf] L402A OA in the Community.pdfpdf34.2 KB
[pdf] L402B Marketing the Lodge.pdfpdf33.8 KB
[pdf] L404 How to Continue in Service.pdfpdf43.9 KB
[pdf] L405 The OA and Summer Camp.pdfpdf91.6 KB
[pdf] L408A Team Development.pdfpdf53.2 KB
[pdf] L408B Team Formation.pdfpdf56.5 KB
[ppt] L408B Team Formation.pptppt654.5 KB
[pdf] L408C Team Leadership.pdfpdf56.0 KB
[pdf] L411 Intro to the Opportunities of an Arrowmen.pdfpdf140.2 KB
[pdf] L413 Handout.pdfpdf31.8 KB
[pdf] L413A Coaching and Mentoring Youth.pdfpdf65.6 KB
[pdf] L413B Coaching from the Sidelines.pdfpdf63.2 KB
[pdf] L413C Analyzing Situations and Youth.pdfpdf62.2 KB
[pdf] L415A Building the Winning Team.pdfpdf41.0 KB
[pdf] L415B Motivational Styles.pdfpdf41.7 KB
[pdf] L415C Teamwork.pdfpdf40.1 KB
[doc] L416 Power of the Cloth.docdoc199.5 KB
[ppt] L417 CREATING A SUPER TROOP.pptppt636.5 KB
[pdf] L417A Duct Tape Method.pdfpdf17.3 KB
[pdf] L417ADuctTapeMethod.pdfpdf33.6 KB
[pdf] L417B Developing a Group Philosophy.pdfpdf17.2 KB
[pdf] L417BDevelopingaGroupPhilosophy.pdfpdf29.8 KB
[pdf] L417C Developing Personal Goals.pdfpdf17.6 KB
[pdf] L417CDevelopingPersonalGoals.pdfpdf31.3 KB
[pdf] L418 Handout.pdfpdf15.9 KB
[pdf] L418-DifferentTypesofLodgeCompetitions.pdfpdf76.2 KB
[pdf] L418A How to Organize and Plan the Event.pdfpdf60.1 KB
[ppt] L418A How to Organize the Event.pptppt617.0 KB
[ppt] L418C How to Have Fun at Event.pptppt614.5 KB
[pdf] L418C How to Have Fun at Lodge Events.pdfpdf62.7 KB
[pdf] L419 Section Conclave 101.pdfpdf41.2 KB
[pdf] L420 Lodge Recognition Program.pdfpdf61.2 KB
[pdf] L420A-QualityRecognitionProgram.pdfpdf69.4 KB
[pdf] L420B-QualityRecognitionProgram.pdfpdf66.5 KB
[pdf] L420C-QualityRecognitionProgram.pdfpdf65.2 KB
[ppt] L421 Chapter Management.pptppt644.5 KB
[pdf] L421 Handout.pdfpdf23.9 KB
[pdf] L421A Chapter Structure.pdfpdf102.1 KB
[pdf] L421B How To Run a Successful Chapter.pdfpdf57.1 KB
[pdf] L421C Maintaining a Chapter.pdfpdf43.4 KB
[pdf] L422A Why is Brotherhood Important.pdfpdf38.7 KB
[ppt] L422A Why is Brotherhood Important.pptppt622.0 KB
[pdf] L422B Developing a Lodge Brotherhood Program.pdfpdf33.2 KB
[ppt] L422B Developing a Lodge Brotherhood Program.pptppt618.5 KB
[pdf] L422C Communication and Record Keeping.pdfpdf43.2 KB
[ppt] L422C Communication and Record Keeping.pptppt621.5 KB
[pdf] L423 Troop Rep Certified Trainer.pdfpdf48.8 KB
[pdf] L424A The Cub Scouts Meet the Arrowman.pdfpdf45.1 KB
[ppt] L424A The Cub Scouts Meet the Arrowman.pptppt613.0 KB
[pdf] L424B The Arrowman Helps the Cub Scout Grow.pdfpdf39.3 KB
[ppt] L424B The Arrowman helps the Cub Scout Grow.pptppt611.5 KB
[pdf] L424C The Cub Scout Crossover.pdfpdf40.0 KB
[ppt] L424C The Cub Scout Crossover.pptppt611.5 KB
[pdf] L425 ScoutReach.pdfpdf39.1 KB
[ppt] L426 OAMuseumTakeARide.pptppt615.5 KB
[pdf] L426A Catch Your Past.pdfpdf45.2 KB
[pdf] L426B Take A Ride.pdfpdf53.9 KB
[pdf] L426C Take the Throttle.pdfpdf73.1 KB
[pdf] L427A Know Your OA History.pdfpdf74.7 KB
[pdf] L427B The OA in the Beginning.pdfpdf141.9 KB
[pdf] L427C Understanding Your Re-Dedication.pdfpdf63.0 KB
[pdf] L428A History of the Ordeal Ceremony Syllabus.pdfpdf72.9 KB
[pdf] L428B History of the Brotherhood Ceremony Syllabus.pdfpdf115.6 KB
[pdf] L428C History of the Vigil Ceremony Syllabus.pdfpdf54.2 KB
[pdf] L429A Preparing a Lodge Budget.pdfpdf51.7 KB
[pdf] L429B Marketing and Fundraising.pdfpdf51.2 KB
[ppt] L429B Marketing and Fundraising.pptppt654.0 KB
[pdf] L429C Keeping the Lodge Arrow Green.pdfpdf44.8 KB
[pdf] L430A Politics of Running an OA Event.pdfpdf52.0 KB
[pdf] L430B Managing Relationships.pdfpdf230.9 KB
[pdf] L430C Consensus Building.pdfpdf120.8 KB
[pdf] L431A Recruiting and Gathering.pdfpdf52.6 KB
[pdf] L431B Training Your Resources.pdfpdf50.3 KB
[pdf] L431C Implement the Plan.pdfpdf57.0 KB
[pdf] L432A Health and Safety.pdfpdf58.9 KB
[pdf] L432B Special Needs.pdfpdf29.8 KB
[pdf] L433 Keeping Time and Managing You.pdfpdf41.3 KB
[pdf] L434 LLD Web Tutorial.pdfpdf36.1 KB
[pdf] L435A Meeting the Challenge.pdfpdf70.9 KB
[ppt] L435A Meeting the Challenge.pptppt875.0 KB
[pdf] L435B Leaving a Legacy.pdfpdf52.1 KB
[ppt] L435B Leaving a Legacy.pptppt629.5 KB
[pdf] L436 Empowering the Mega-Lodge.pdfpdf49.1 KB
[pdf] L437 Walking the Talk.pdfpdf77.7 KB
[pdf] L438A Meeting Basics.pdfpdf43.7 KB
[pdf] L438B Effective Planning.pdfpdf31.1 KB
[pdf] L438C Having Your Stuff Together.pdfpdf75.1 KB
[pdf] L440A Chairmanship -The Job.pdfpdf64.8 KB
[pdf] L440B Active Committee Members.pdfpdf53.8 KB
[pdf] L440C Energizing the Group.pdfpdf94.4 KB
[pdf] L441A Quality Lodge Summit Basics.pdfpdf59.8 KB
[ppt] L441A Quality Lodge Summit Basics.pptppt803.5 KB
[pdf] L441B Quality Lodge Summit Consistency.pdfpdf67.6 KB
[ppt] L441B Quality Lodge Summit Consistency.pptppt618.0 KB
[pdf] L441C Quality Lodge Summit Teambuilding.pdfpdf65.6 KB
[ppt] L441C Quality Lodge Summit Teambuilding.pptppt618.0 KB
[pdf] L445A Specifics about Scripts.pdfpdf52.1 KB
[pdf] L445B Scouting for the Stage.pdfpdf25.7 KB
[pdf] L445C Lights, Camera, Action!.pdfpdf28.7 KB
[pdf] L446 Ethics of Patch Trading.pdfpdf55.9 KB
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