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Tip: Increase Program Retention
Studies show that using a variety of teaching techniques over using just lecture alone can increase retention. Audio visual materials, hands-on demonstration, and group discussion are all very good, but the best technique is to give the participants the opportunity to teach others what they just learned.

Lodge Adviser Training


To continue to promote the mission of the Order of the Arrow and to provide world class training, the National Order of the Arrow Committee has updated the training available for our adult advisers. This online lodge adviser training is provided as a resource to all Order of the Arrow advisers, especially lodge and chapter advisers.

Nationally developed training is still available at section conclaves through the Conclave Training Initiative, national events such as the National Order of the Arrow Conference, the Philmont Training Center with a one-week summer session and in each region with a weekend conference. The region conferences specific to advisers are usually given about twice per year. The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is also given four to five times per year in each region and is open to both youth and adults.

The weekend region conference for advisers has been extensively updated and is now called the Developing Youth Leadership Conference. This training focuses on the skills necessary for an adviser to coach and mentor youth in developing leadership skills learned at NLS. Training for the skills necessary to help administer the lodge or chapter and are now presented in the sessions below for all advisers.

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The Lodge Adviser Training Task Force

The National Order of the Arrow Committee and the training sub-committee hope you find these topics of interest to give you, the advisers of our youth, further help to become the best adviser you can be. Our task force has teams from all regions including current and past lodge advisers, section advisers and former youth leaders. We welcome any and all feedback and comments on these sessions. Please send comments to lodgeadviser@training.oa-bsa.org.

Thank you for your service to the Order of the Arrow and to the youth we serve.