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Tip: Increase Program Retention
Studies show that using a variety of teaching techniques over using just lecture alone can increase retention. Audio visual materials, hands-on demonstration, and group discussion are all very good, but the best technique is to give the participants the opportunity to teach others what they just learned.
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[potx] MYL 1. Inspiring Success in Youth.potxpotx607.1 KB
[potx] MYL 3. Mentoring Youth Without Them Knowing It.potxpotx605.7 KB
[potx] MYL 2. Creating a Healthy Environment.potxpotx601.2 KB
[docx] MYL- 2. Creating a Healthy Environment.docxdocx151.0 KB
[docx] MYL- 3. Mentoring Youth Without Them Knowing It.docxdocx150.9 KB
[docx] MYL - 1. Inspiring Success in Youth.docxdocx150.6 KB
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