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Tip: Vocal Warm-up
Some presenters like to warm up their voices before speaking. Consider speaking the long sound of the vowels in a varying level of vocal volume and inflection in order and then reverse the order (i.e., A E I O U).
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[pdf] Training Elangomats.pdfpdf324.1 KB
[pdf] The Vigil Honor Experience - Vigil Honor Induction.pdfpdf626.3 KB
[pdf] The Vigil Honor Experience - The Vigil Ceremony.pdfpdf527.3 KB
[pdf] The Vigil Honor Experience - Candidate Selection and Notification.pdfpdf553.7 KB
[pdf] The Nuts and Bolts of your Ceremonies Team.pdfpdf603.2 KB
[pdf] The Journey to Brotherhood - Ordeal Weekend.pdfpdf189.5 KB
[pdf] The Journey to Brotherhood - Brotherhood Induction.pdfpdf188.4 KB
[pdf] The Journey to Brotherhood - Between Ordeal Weekend and Brotherhood Weekend.pdfpdf187.2 KB
[pdf] The Ceremonial Time Machine - 1979-2015 Candidate and Principals.pdfpdf288.8 KB
[pdf] The Ceremonial Time Machine - 1948-1978 Arrow and Bow.pdfpdf195.4 KB
[pdf] The Ceremonial Time Machine - 1915-1947 Rites and Mysteries.pdfpdf286.2 KB
[pdf] Seeking the Vision Nutiket.pdfpdf338.0 KB
[pdf] Seeking the Vision Meteu.pdfpdf338.3 KB
[pdf] Seeking the Vision Kickinet.pdfpdf337.6 KB
[pdf] Seeking the Vision Allowat Sakima.pdfpdf338.4 KB
[pdf] Managing Ordeal Inductions - Ordeal Management.pdfpdf305.8 KB
[pdf] Managing Ordeal Inductions - Developing a New Member Orientation.pdfpdf199.8 KB
[pdf] Managing Brotherhood Inductions - Journey to Brotherhood.pdfpdf153.5 KB
[pdf] Managing Brotherhood Inductions - Brotherhood Inductions.pdfpdf193.4 KB
[pdf] Managing Brotherhood Inductions - After the Ordeal.pdfpdf168.3 KB
[pdf] Introduction to Inductions.pdfpdf201.4 KB
[pdf] Introduction to Ceremonies.pdfpdf420.7 KB
[pdf] Inside the pre-Ordeal Ceremony.pdfpdf196.8 KB
[pdf] Inside the Ordeal Ceremony.pdfpdf331.6 KB
[pdf] Inductions Chief and Chairman.pdfpdf193.8 KB
[pdf] Inductions Advising.pdfpdf212.7 KB
[pdf] Ensuring a Safe & Successful Inductions Experience.pdfpdf539.9 KB
[pdf] Ensuring a Safe & Successful Inductions Experience - Handout 1 Ordeal Planning Backdater.pdfpdf99.4 KB
[pdf] Ceremonies Advising.pdfpdf374.0 KB
[pdf] Brotherhood The Tale of Uncas.pdfpdf412.1 KB
[pdf] Before the Ordeal.pdfpdf332.0 KB
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