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Tip: The Rule of TELL THEM
Tell them three times -- TELL THEM what you are going to tell them, TELL THEM, and TELL THEM what you told them. In other words, start with an introduction including the goals for the presentation, provide the content information, and summarize the presentation. This process will reinforce the message for the audience.
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[pdf] Training Elangomats.pdfpdf324.1 KB
[pdf] The Vigil Honor Experience - Vigil Honor Induction.pdfpdf626.3 KB
[pdf] The Vigil Honor Experience - The Vigil Ceremony.pdfpdf527.3 KB
[pdf] The Vigil Honor Experience - Candidate Selection and Notification.pdfpdf553.7 KB
[pdf] The Nuts and Bolts of your Ceremonies Team.pdfpdf603.2 KB
[pdf] The Journey to Brotherhood - Ordeal Weekend.pdfpdf189.5 KB
[pdf] The Journey to Brotherhood - Brotherhood Induction.pdfpdf188.4 KB
[pdf] The Journey to Brotherhood - Between Ordeal Weekend and Brotherhood Weekend.pdfpdf187.2 KB
[pdf] The Ceremonial Time Machine - 1979-2015 Candidate and Principals.pdfpdf288.8 KB
[pdf] The Ceremonial Time Machine - 1948-1978 Arrow and Bow.pdfpdf195.4 KB
[pdf] The Ceremonial Time Machine - 1915-1947 Rites and Mysteries.pdfpdf286.2 KB
[pdf] Seeking the Vision Nutiket.pdfpdf338.0 KB
[pdf] Seeking the Vision Meteu.pdfpdf338.3 KB
[pdf] Seeking the Vision Kickinet.pdfpdf337.6 KB
[pdf] Seeking the Vision Allowat Sakima.pdfpdf338.4 KB
[pdf] Managing Ordeal Inductions - Ordeal Management.pdfpdf305.8 KB
[pdf] Managing Ordeal Inductions - Developing a New Member Orientation.pdfpdf199.8 KB
[pdf] Managing Brotherhood Inductions - Journey to Brotherhood.pdfpdf153.5 KB
[pdf] Managing Brotherhood Inductions - Brotherhood Inductions.pdfpdf193.4 KB
[pdf] Managing Brotherhood Inductions - After the Ordeal.pdfpdf168.3 KB
[pdf] Introduction to Inductions.pdfpdf201.4 KB
[pdf] Introduction to Ceremonies.pdfpdf420.7 KB
[pdf] Inside the pre-Ordeal Ceremony.pdfpdf196.8 KB
[pdf] Inside the Ordeal Ceremony.pdfpdf331.6 KB
[pdf] Inductions Chief and Chairman.pdfpdf193.8 KB
[pdf] Inductions Advising.pdfpdf212.7 KB
[pdf] Ensuring a Safe & Successful Inductions Experience.pdfpdf539.9 KB
[pdf] Ensuring a Safe & Successful Inductions Experience - Handout 1 Ordeal Planning Backdater.pdfpdf99.4 KB
[pdf] Ceremonies Advising.pdfpdf374.0 KB
[pdf] Brotherhood The Tale of Uncas.pdfpdf412.1 KB
[pdf] Before the Ordeal.pdfpdf332.0 KB
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