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Tip: Involve Your Participants
The average adult in the United States can speak at a rate of 125-150 words per minute and most people can comprehend four to six times that amount of information. To close the listening gap, engage your audience with discussion, activities, or written assignments to keep their attention.
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[pptx] The Organization of the Order of the Arrow.pptxpptx829.7 KB
[pptx] The Lodge and the Unit.pptxpptx1.6 MB
[pptx] The Important Role of the Secretary.pptxpptx865.1 KB
[pptx] Successfully Budgeting an Event.pptxpptx828.3 KB
[pptx] Spicing up Lodge Events.pptxpptx608.3 KB
[pptx] SIGNATURE SESSION.pptxpptx829.1 KB
[pptx] Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.pptxpptx859.7 KB
[pptx] OA Involvement in the Disticts.pptxpptx4.4 MB
[pptx] National Camping Seminar- PowerPoint.pptxpptx1.1 MB
[pptx] Lodge Newsletters.pptxpptx1.9 MB
[pptx] Keeping a Personal History.pptxpptx1.6 MB
[pptx] JTE Striving for Gold.pptxpptx867.0 KB
[pptx] How to Work With Your Adviser.pptxpptx984.6 KB
[pptx] Communicating Across Generations.pptxpptx902.4 KB
[pptx] Building Your LLD.pptxpptx3.7 MB
[ppt] There are only 24 hours in a day.pptppt3.1 MB
[ppt] The Social Development of a Man.pptppt471.5 KB
[ppt] Preparing Inter-Faith Worship Services.pptppt1.0 MB
[ppt] Past Chief's Summit.pptx.pptppt2.0 MB
[ppt] How to Train Chapter Leadership.pptppt1.1 MB
[ppt] Chaplaincy in the OA.pptppt1.1 MB
[pdf] The Social Development of a Man Syllabus.pdfpdf2.2 MB
[pdf] Building Your LLD.pdfpdf542.4 KB
[odp] Conclave Best Practices.odpodp364.5 KB
[key] Website Communication Strategy.keykey2.5 MB
[key] The Social Development of a Man.keykey700.7 KB
[docx] Unit Elections.docxdocx104.5 KB
[docx] The OA at Summer Camp.docxdocx120.4 KB
[docx] The Important Role of the Secretary.docxdocx96.5 KB
[docx] Setting Effective and Managable Goals.docxdocx129.5 KB
[docx] Retaining Young Adult Members.docxdocx64.9 KB
[docx] Ordeal Management for Beginners.docxdocx107.1 KB
[docx] Lodge and Troop Relations.docxdocx170.8 KB
[docx] JTE Striving for Gold Final.docxdocx137.3 KB
[docx] Integrating Special Events In Your Lodge.docxdocx678.6 KB
[docx] Disabilities in the OA.docxdocx98.2 KB
[docx] Community Relations.docxdocx134.7 KB
[docx] Communicating Across Generations.docxdocx257.3 KB
[docx] Adults in the OA.docxdocx108.2 KB
[doc] Website Communication Strategy.docdoc466.0 KB
[doc] There are Only 24 Hours in a Day.docdoc376.0 KB
[doc] The Social Development of a Man Syllabus.docdoc2.2 MB
[doc] The Organization of the Order of the Arrow.docdoc408.0 KB
[doc] The OAs Many Useful Publications.docdoc342.5 KB
[doc] The Lodge and the Unit.docdoc326.5 KB
[doc] The LEC.docdoc347.5 KB
[doc] The Ideal Troop Team Representative Program.docdoc339.5 KB
[doc] Successfully Budgeting an Event.docdoc353.5 KB
[doc] Spicing up Lodge Events.docdoc111.0 KB
[doc] Service Projects.docdoc93.0 KB
[doc] Retaining Long Time Members.docdoc357.0 KB
[doc] Recognition in the OA.docdoc304.0 KB
[doc] Professional and Volunteer Dynamics.docdoc298.0 KB
[doc] Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.docdoc332.5 KB
[doc] Preparing Inter-Faith Worship Services.docdoc338.0 KB
[doc] Perfecting the Ordeal Weekend.docdoc174.0 KB
[doc] Patches 101.docdoc411.5 KB
[doc] PastChiefsSummitNOAC12.docdoc94.0 KB
[doc] OA Involvement in the District.docdoc571.5 KB
[doc] Merchandising and Running a Trading Post.docdoc334.0 KB
[doc] Loss of New Members.docdoc269.5 KB
[doc] Lodge Newsletters.docdoc420.0 KB
[doc] Keeping a Personal History.docdoc334.0 KB
[doc] Keeping a Lodge Record.docdoc318.0 KB
[doc] JTE Nuts and Bolts.docdoc430.5 KB
[doc] How to get your lodge to participate in Section and National Events.docdoc299.0 KB
[doc] How to Work With Your Adviser.docdoc344.0 KB
[doc] How to Train Chapter Leadership.docdoc228.5 KB
[doc] How to Run an Effective Meeting.docdoc434.5 KB
[doc] Hosting a Conclave.docdoc326.0 KB
[doc] Fundamentals of Training.docdoc312.0 KB
[doc] Food for Thought (and Hard Work).docdoc1.2 MB
[doc] Effectively Managing Special Projects.docdoc27.0 KB
[doc] Developing Your Youth Officer Team.docdoc315.0 KB
[doc] Creating Unity in the Lodge.docdoc743.5 KB
[doc] Contingent Management Reduce Your Stress Level.docdoc294.0 KB
[doc] Conclave Experience forum.docdoc370.0 KB
[doc] Conclave Best Practices.docdoc370.0 KB
[doc] Chaplaincy in the OA.docdoc412.5 KB
[doc] Building Your Lodge Calendar.docdoc336.0 KB
[doc] Brotherhood Conversion.docdoc125.5 KB
[doc] Boys in Blue.docdoc309.0 KB
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