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Tip: Focus on the Content, Not the Graphics
The purpose of the presentation is to communicate ideas and information, not to dazzle people with fancy graphics. When the session is over, you want your audience marching out discussing the ideas you set forth, not talking about the neat graphics or special effects.
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[ppt] 404C Bits, Bytes or Blogs.pptppt1.7 MB
[ppt] 437 Troop Rep Cert. Trainer.pptppt1.4 MB
[ppt] 412C Pres Council Support - Key Relations 3.pptppt1.0 MB
[ppt] 404B Pres Bits, Bytes or Blogs.pptppt1.0 MB
[ppt] 405 Pres OA LodgeMaster.pptppt856.0 KB
[ppt] 404A Pres Bits, Bytes or Blogs.pptppt656.5 KB
[ppt] 422 Pres Event Planning.pptppt613.5 KB
[pdf] 425 What the OA Has For You - New Member Orientation.pdfpdf354.5 KB
[pdf] 424 Patches Esthetics, Economics & Ethics.pdfpdf219.3 KB
[pdf] 443 History of the OA.pdfpdf175.5 KB
[pdf] 402C Chapter's Role in Quality Lodge.pdfpdf173.3 KB
[pdf] 411A Creating A Special Event Supplement v2.pdfpdf171.3 KB
[pdf] 433B Exploring Interpersona.pdfpdf152.1 KB
[pdf] 402B Chapter Annual Plan.pdfpdf104.1 KB
[pdf] 402B Supp Chapter Calendar.pdfpdf99.1 KB
[pdf] 405 OALM System Description.pdfpdf95.7 KB
[pdf] 402A What is a Chapter & Why is it Important.pdfpdf95.2 KB
[pdf] 402B Supp Chapter Meeting Checklist.pdfpdf92.2 KB
[pdf] 437 OA Troop Rep Certificat.pdfpdf85.4 KB
[jpg] 405 OALM How it Works.jpgjpg81.9 KB
[pdf] 439A Camping Promotion Certification.pdfpdf79.8 KB
[pdf] 439B Camping Promotion Certifiication.pdfpdf73.6 KB
[pdf] 411C Troubleshooting Events Supplement v2.pdfpdf64.6 KB
[pdf] 411C Troubleshooting Events Supplement v1.pdfpdf64.6 KB
[pdf] 406C Lodge Finances - Council Relations & Camperships.pdfpdf63.8 KB
[pdf] 411C Troubleshooting Events Supplement v3.pdfpdf61.6 KB
[pdf] 411A Creating A Special Event Supplement v1.pdfpdf59.6 KB
[pdf] 431 Train the Trainer.pdfpdf59.4 KB
[pdf] 440 Tours & Shows Training.pdfpdf58.9 KB
[pdf] 405 Getting Started with OA LodgeMaster.pdfpdf57.1 KB
[pdf] 434A Teamwork Makes the Dre.pdfpdf56.5 KB
[pdf] 402C Supp Webelos-Ree.pdfpdf56.5 KB
[pdf] 411B Polishing Old Events Supplement v1.pdfpdf52.7 KB
[pdf] 420C ScoutReach Mentors.pdfpdf52.4 KB
[pdf] 422 Event Planning.pdfpdf50.5 KB
[pdf] 416 Camping Promotion.pdfpdf49.8 KB
[pdf] 405 OA LodgeMaster.pdfpdf48.1 KB
[pdf] 410A Ordeal to Brotherhood.pdfpdf46.6 KB
[pdf] 419C Conclave 101 - Themes & Publicity.pdfpdf45.3 KB
[pdf] 419A Conclave 101 - Planning.pdfpdf44.8 KB
[pdf] 434C There's No I in Team.pdfpdf44.6 KB
[pdf] 409 Large Lodge Administration - Overcoming Challenges.pdfpdf43.4 KB
[pdf] 419B Conclave 101 - Program.pdfpdf43.2 KB
[pdf] 436B Having Your Stuff Together.pdfpdf43.1 KB
[pdf] 438C NOAC Certification.pdfpdf42.5 KB
[pdf] 438A Purpose.pdfpdf42.5 KB
[pdf] 410B Keeping Older Youth.pdfpdf41.6 KB
[pdf] 429 Youth to Adult Transition.pdfpdf41.3 KB
[pdf] 401A Challenges of Chapter Chiefdom.pdfpdf41.2 KB
[pdf] 433C Developing & Using the Skills.pdfpdf40.7 KB
[pdf] 420A Introduction to ScoutReach Mentoring.pdfpdf40.1 KB
[pdf] 406A Preparing a Lodge Budget.pdfpdf39.9 KB
[pdf] 411A Creating A Special Event v2.pdfpdf39.1 KB
[pdf] 420B Lodge's Role in ScoutReach Mentoring.pdfpdf39.0 KB
[pdf] 414 Planning for Success.pdfpdf38.6 KB
[pdf] 402C Supp OA Scoutreach Mentor Application.pdfpdf38.4 KB
[pdf] 433A Identifying the Skills.pdfpdf38.3 KB
[pdf] 446 Lodge Shows.pdfpdf38.1 KB
[pdf] 401B Officially the Chapter Official.pdfpdf37.9 KB
[pdf] 404B Bits, Bytes or Blogs.pdfpdf37.9 KB
[pdf] 403 Chapter Program.pdfpdf37.6 KB
[pdf] 401C Leadership of Chapter Chairmen.pdfpdf37.6 KB
[pdf] 404C Bits, Bytes or Blogs.pdfpdf37.6 KB
[pdf] 407 Lodge & Troop Synergy.pdfpdf36.7 KB
[pdf] 412C Council Support - Key 3 Relations.pdfpdf36.4 KB
[pdf] 410C Creating & Maintaining Lodge Traditions.pdfpdf36.3 KB
[pdf] 413 Quality Lodge Summit.pdfpdf35.9 KB
[pdf] 408C Small Lodge Administration - Communications & Finance.pdfpdf35.7 KB
[pdf] 438B Relationships.pdfpdf35.4 KB
[pdf] 436C Meeting Basics.pdfpdf34.2 KB
[pdf] 434B There is No I in Team.pdfpdf32.7 KB
[pdf] 406B Marketing & Fundraising.pdfpdf32.5 KB
[pdf] 402A Supp Sample Chapter Organizational Chart.pdfpdf31.7 KB
[pdf] 418A_B Service It's What We Do - and How We Do It.pdfpdf31.1 KB
[pdf] 417A Cub Scout Meets Arrowman.pdfpdf30.8 KB
[pdf] 423 Troop_Team Representative.pdfpdf30.5 KB
[pdf] 411A Creating Special Events.pdfpdf30.1 KB
[pdf] 411B Polishing Old Events.pdfpdf29.0 KB
[pdf] 411C Troubleshooting Events.pdfpdf28.8 KB
[pdf] 417B Arrowman Helps Cub Scout Grow.pdfpdf28.8 KB
[pdf] 421A LLD & Year Round Training.pdfpdf28.4 KB
[pdf] 417C Cub Scout Crossover.pdfpdf28.1 KB
[pdf] 402A Supp Chapter Jobs & Responsibilities.pdfpdf28.1 KB
[pdf] 421B LLD Web Tutorial.pdfpdf27.1 KB
[pdf] 439C Camping Promotion Certification.pdfpdf27.0 KB
[pdf] 412A Council Support - Financial Responsibility.pdfpdf26.7 KB
[pdf] 421C Making LLD Happen.pdfpdf26.5 KB
[pdf] 412B Council Support - Service to Council.pdfpdf25.4 KB
[pdf] 418C Service It's What We Do - and Why We Do It.pdfpdf25.3 KB
[pdf] 436A Effective Planning Basics.pdfpdf24.9 KB
[pdf] 401C Supp Leadership of Chapter Chairmen.pdfpdf23.7 KB
[pdf] 402B Supp Honor Chapter Requirements.pdfpdf23.1 KB
[pdf] 408A Supp Lodge Operating Procedures.pdfpdf20.0 KB
[pdf] 402B Supp Sample Chapter Meeting Agenda.pdfpdf19.9 KB
[pdf] 402B Supp Chapter Annual Planning Matrix.pdfpdf17.7 KB
[pdf] 422 Supp Event Planning.pdfpdf11.3 KB
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