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Tip: Five Things To Do When You Are Done
1) Thank the audience. 2) Make materials available. 3) Make yourself available. 4) Provide them with a method to reach you. 5) Get feedback -- Find out what they thought of you, what they learned, and how you can improve your presentation.
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[pdf] 310B_Ordeal_Symbolism.pdfpdf478.3 KB
[pdf] 310A_Pre-Ordeal_Symbolism.pdfpdf474.9 KB
[pdf] 310C_Brotherhood_Symbolism.pdfpdf474.6 KB
[pdf] 302C_The_OA_Rep_and_Induct.pdfpdf471.6 KB
[pdf] 302A_Unit_Elections.pdfpdf467.2 KB
[pdf] 302B_The_Call_Out.pdfpdf466.7 KB
[pdf] 303A_Purpose_of_the_Ordeal.pdfpdf466.4 KB
[pdf] 306C_1948.pdfpdf462.8 KB
[pdf] 301B_How_to_Recruit.pdfpdf462.7 KB
[pdf] 304B_The_here_the_now.pdfpdf462.6 KB
[pdf] 304A_The_past_the_prior.pdfpdf459.1 KB
[pdf] 311_Ceremonial_Clothing.pdfpdf455.0 KB
[pdf] 301C_Staging_the_Show.pdfpdf454.8 KB
[pdf] 306B_1921.pdfpdf454.6 KB
[pdf] 305B_Planning_and_Running.pdfpdf453.8 KB
[pdf] 308C_Character_analysis.pdfpdf453.3 KB
[pdf] 306A_1915_rev.pdfpdf452.5 KB
[pdf] 307C_Brotherhood_2002.pdfpdf452.1 KB
[pdf] 304C_The_future.pdfpdf452.0 KB
[pdf] 308B_Ceremonial_team.pdfpdf451.9 KB
[pdf] 303B_Ordeal_Management.pdfpdf450.9 KB
[pdf] 308A_Ceremonial_delivery.pdfpdf449.2 KB
[pdf] 303C_Using_Friends.pdfpdf448.8 KB
[pdf] 307B_Ordeal_2002a.pdfpdf448.2 KB
[pdf] 305A_Selection_and_Candidat.pdfpdf447.4 KB
[pdf] 305C_Ceremony_History.pdfpdf445.7 KB
[pdf] 301A_Ordeal_101.pdfpdf445.6 KB
[pdf] 307A_Elections_2002.pdfpdf444.1 KB
[pdf] Unknown_Pre-Ordeal_Pre-1936.pdfpdf118.8 KB
[pdf] Ordeal_1948.pdfpdf92.0 KB
[pdf] First_Degree_Ceremony_1927.pdfpdf39.2 KB
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